The all-day farm shop sits alongside the restaurant, offering locals and “foodie tourists” a full-circle experience of Local & Wild. Foraging, hunting, cooking and eating is our passion and as obsessives, the Gladwin Brothers want to give visitors the chance to buy and enjoy exceptional ingredients from British farms and coastlines at home.

Alongside fruit & vegetables, there will be a butcher & fish counter that will showcase daily changing specials as well as homemade frozen meals for time-poor families with a penchant for good quality meals without the prep.

Passers-by can grab a loaf from our artisan bread selection on their way home, or pick up a coffee from our speciality barista bar on their walk to work. We cater to everyone, whether you want to host a dinner party at home using one of our Local & Wild recipe cards or fancy a cuppa and slice of seasonal Tart of the day perched on our bar.

Come in and enjoy the magic.

The Gladwin Brothers x